We offer the opportunity to compete at BUCS in: 8-Ball Pool, 9-Ball Pool and Snooker.

Fixtures and Results

The teams for each event are selected before by elected team captains. We have a rich history of success at the competitive level, especially in our women’s division; this year our women’s First Team won the team championship at 8-Ball BUCS with the women’s Second Team coming runner up in the team trophy. We send a wide range of teams, especially to 8-Ball Pool BUCS, sending three men’s teams to play in different levels of the competition, so new members are able to attend and compete at our BUCS events relatively quickly after joining. Tournaments include both individual competition, and competition within teams (mixed or gender divided depending on the event).

Tournament Successes 2019-20

East of Scotland Tournament1st Team retain Team Championship 3rd Team win consolation cup James Inglis – runner up individuals
8-Ball BUCS1st Team (Womens) win team Championship 2nd Team (Womens) win runner up in Trophy James Inglis – quarter finals individuals 1st Team (Mens) reach final 16 of Championship Philippa Orme – Runner up in individual Championship
Scottish University Pool ChampionshipPhilippa Orme – Winner of women’s individual Championship
Snooker BUCSJames Inglis – quarter finals of individual tournament